We are constantly talking with Clients, suppliers and manufacturers in this fast advancing market and complex industry. With our experienced team we have the knowledge in-house to connect clients with the right coating partners.


With over 20 years of experience we know everything about the protection and preservation of concrete, steel and other industrial and marine structures and surfaces through the use of high-performance protective, marine and industrial coatings.


With the constant growth of the coatings industry, new emerging markets arrive and global partners are needed. With our global network and reach we are able to help with international projects and consultancy anywhere.

Want to connect your coatings online?

Your customers are already looking for you and it is happening online right now!

Ayold is an international coating agency for the global market, our mission is to connect the world of coatings online. We do this by using our country based portals to help companies generate more international traffic and revenue. Contact us if you are looking to increase global and or local revenue and make full use that comes with our portals in this market that reaches $175 billion in 2020.

We understand coatings

Ayold is specialized in connecting ask and demand in the coating industry. As an international agency, with our global presence and network, we are able to connect clients with the right coating products and expertise.

We are coatings, online

Coatings are becoming more interesting than ever before, it used to be a protective and chemical product that is slowly transforming in to a smart, re-active and almost inspiring product. Online plays an important role in this transformation. Looking for coating products, connecting customers to manufacturers and the gathering of coatings information on the internet.


    All know how for the business to business coating market and ready to connect consumers to coatings.


    As an agency connecting coating ask and demand through our information portals and manufacturers connections.


    International projects and consultancy through our portals, our network reaches all over the world. International projects and consultancy, anywhere and anytime.

Our proud partners